November 7, 2010

Team Macpac GOT take on the Great Forest Foot Rogaine in Rotorua

Team Macpac GOT dusted off the cobwebs and a few months of sitting on the couch eating chips and not doing anything too strenuous at the Great Forest Rogaine in Rotorua this weekend.

The team was made up of Debbie Chambers, Anne Lowerson and regular GOT night runner Cath Heppelthwaite. Maps were handed out at 1pm and we spent the next hour pouring over the maps, adding up points, studying contours and comparing ideas on the best route chioce. All hell broke loose at 2pm when the start gun went off and we were released into the forest for 8 hours of running, scrambling, bush bashing and crawling. We had a great day out, didn't make any major navigation errors and mostly managed to stick to our game plan. All in all a good blow out before we head South for a 24 hour race in central Otago in a couple of weeks. We managed to scrape into the top 10 in the foot event so were pretty happy with our performance.

Regular Girls on Top adventure racers, Erin and Marquita were also competing in this event with Marquita and Rob cleaning up in the Mountain bike event and Erin getting third in the foot event. Well done girls :)

Overall results of  the top teams:

1 Rob Garden & Marquita Gelderman (9:54) 2390 1st MTB

2 John Randal & Simon Kennett (9:59) 2390 2nd MTB

3 Dennis De Monchy & Darren Blackwell 2380 1st Foot

4 Anita Liepina & Valters Kaminskis (Latvia) 2270 2nd Foot

5 David Blundell & Campbell Bennett 2270 3rd MTB

6 Brent Simpson & Greg Simpson 2260 4th MTB

7 Aidan Boswell & Erin Roberts 2160 3rd Foot

8 Debbie Mansfield & Glen Warner 2120 4th Foot

9 Pete Swanson & Hamish Goodwin (4.00pm-12.00am) 2070 5th Foot

10 Svetlana Subbotina & Nina Mikheeva & Marina Galkina (Russia) 2060 6th Foot

11 Nick Harris & Kath Copland 2040 7th Foot

12 Debbie Chambers & Anne Lowerson & Cath Heppelthwaite 1980 8th Foot

13 Alan Moore & Joel Tate 1940 9th Foot

14 Tim Cochrane & Alan Kirkpatrick & Rob Trass & Sekkie Meyer 1910 10th Foot

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